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Joel Stevens
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Chase Coleman

312 S. Beverly Drive PO Box # 3892

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


  1. What is the meaning of your tattoo on your ankle?  
    • They are Viking runes and it says, "Cast aside all in this reality and become one within yourself.”

  2. How long have you done gymnastics?
    • 15 years

  3. What inspired you to become an actor?
    • Mel Gibson's Braveheart and Brad Pitt in Troy

  4. Favorite band of all time?
    • Tool

  5. If you weren't acting what would you be doing?
    • playing music or dead, cuz there's nothing else I want to do!

  6. What is the first thing on your bucket list?
    • backpack/tour the world nomad style

  7. What was your first day on set of The Originals like?
    • Amazing! Everyone was very inviting and familial. They embraced and welcomed me!

  8. What was your favorite scene to film?
    • The scene with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) where we fought the werewolves before we were captured.

  9. Which do you prefer better, music or acting?
    • Neither.  I like both differently as they both provide different forms of satisfaction and they are both different forms of expression.

  10. What famous person do people tell you that you most resemble? Do you agree?
    • I've gotten: Brad Pitt,  Kit Harrington (Jon Snow), Matt Damon, Marlon Brando, Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnham - I can see the resemblances.

  11. If you were trapped in a TV show for a week, which one would you choose?
    • Heroes

  12. What is a fun fact about yourself that fans might not be aware of?
    • I'm a computer geek.  I build computers and love playing computer games.

  13. Out of all the characters you've played, which one do you most identify with?
    • Oliver, with his die hard loyalty and extremely strong point of view.  He fights for what he believes in, like I do.

  14. Out of all the places you have visited, which one stands out the most and why?
    • Rome is an absolute marvel in my opinion

  15. Who is your favorite actor/actress you worked with on set?
    • Michael Shannon on Boardwalk Empire

  16. If you were trapped on a desert island if you can it take one person who would you take?
    • Scarlett Johansson

  17. What is your favorite healthy snack?
    • Fruit smoothie

  18. What is your favorite food to eat?
    • Pizza, steak, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican, EVERYTHING

  19. What do you miss most about being on the set of The Originals?
    • Getting to play such a cool character and work with such cool people.

  20. What do you do to prepare for a role?
    • Always depends on the role, but I use the technique I have learned over the years through the amazing teachers I have had.

  21. What's the craziest thing a fan has done?
    • Somehow gotten my # and then harassed me in the fashion of trying to claim she was pregnant. Never had any idea who she was.

  22. Which actor inspired you the most and why?
    • Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson because they are all geniuses at their craft and what they do.

  23. What was your favorite scene to film and why?
    • I loved working with Michael Shannon in Boardwalk Empire because he's a true genius and master at his work.

  24. Who is your musical influence or which artist inspired you the most?
    • Maynard of Tool because he is about thinking for yourself and questioning authority.

  25. What is your favorite animal?
    • Wolf ;)

  26. What do you do to destress or relax?
    • Play a computer game or listen to very amazing film scores and music.

  27. What is your favorite book?
    • Of Mice and Men

  28. Favorite football team?
    • The Saints, but I don’t really follow professional sports

  29. What do you take away from meeting all your fans at the convention?
    • I LOVE getting to see how I've affected people and moved them to do different things in their lives.

  30. If you can star in any movie of your choice, which would you pick?
    • Braveheart

  31. What is your favorite song?
    • 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle

  32. If your life was turned into a movie, who would play you?
    • Tom Hardy

  33. Do you have a nickname?
    • Thor

  34. If you could read anyone’s mind, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
    • Marlon Brando, actor genius

  35. Favorite snack?
    • Avocado, tomatoes, and extra sharp cheddar cheese

  36. What are your hobbies?
    • Computer geek gaming, play soccer and football, play music, watch movies etc

  37. What are your pet peeves?
    • When people take up the entire escalator and not let people pass, when cars drive the same speed in all 5 lanes of a freeway, when people are unreliable and don't follow through with integrity on their agreements and appointments, especially when it involves a team or other people

  38. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
    • Rome, London, Madrid, New York, Edinburgh - I love many places ;)

  39. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
    • Everyone would be honest and follow through on what they say they will do, in other words - all people in the world would have integrity

  40. Is there anything would you go back and do differently in your career so far?
    • No, I am where I am because of everything that has happened and the decisions that I have made.

  41. What do you wish your legacy to be one day?
    • I hope to have made amazing films and have created amazing music that will move people's lives into action on changing the world.

  42. What do you want the next generation to know about you with your acting and music career?
    • That they are moved into action, in order to make a change with what matters in the world.

  43. Boxers or Briefs?
    • briefs

  44. Chase Coleman, are you Thor? Did it hurt when you fell from Asgard?
    • Of course it didn't hurt. I am Thor, son of Odin, ruler of Asgard!

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